History of Golya Foundation

Golya foundation is a non-government organization that was started by Mr Magoola Benerd. He is a businessman who was born on 2/4/1990 in Bulumba village iki iki t/c iki iki sub county in budaka district in Uganda.

He studied his pre and early primary in Missori primary school but due to some misunderstandings in his community, he abandoned school for some time only to resume in 1999 in Bugolya primary where he finished his primary level before moving to Kaderuna secondary school for his O level(S1-S4).

He then picked interest in driving and thus joined Prestige driving school where he qualified as a certified driver. Mr. Magoola was so touched by the alarming rates of illiterates in his locality and thus sought for ways to redirect the locality towards the desired channel through education.

He believed that all children should be given equal chance to attend and achieve all the levels of education as they would have fallen victim to similar circumstances that saw him call off his education in P2 only to resume after two years, he felt like no other child should have to go through the same conditions.

He craved to change the financial status of his locality given any slight chance since it had masterminded all the evils that prevailed in his locality. All this coupled forecasted formation of Golya foundation on the 15th/02/2019. It held its initial headquarters in Budaka where Mr Magoola resided but later transferred to Mbale where he had relocated due to the fact that he was running the foundation as a soul initiative as a result it now holds its new offices at Plot 25 Biashara cell Northern division Mbale municipality.

It began operating there however, in conjunction with the former community in Budaka where the first offices had been hosted , this rose the burden on the shoulder of Mr. Magoola who at the moment was running the entire foundation on a sole basis. In operating Mr Magoola however managed to convenience some of his comrades explaining the essential of the foundation to the community and the entire globe at large which promoted them on the advice of one of his close friends to make the foundation formal so as to avoid the short comings and misunderstandings with the community where they operated.